ENVEL DESIGN is a pioneer for developing innovative fabrication solutions, and continues to set the bar for flexibility and excellence in the hospitality industry today.


For over thirty-five years, ENVEL DESIGN continues to be a leading manufacturer and fabricator of custom luminous surfacing products and assemblies using proprietary materials and processes.


Our devotion to supplying exquisite architectural luminous surface materials continues with a daily commitment to develop exclusive products for our customers, which we stand behind with pride.


Whether dramatic or subtle, ENVEL DESIGN has the experience and ability to produce the look, or create the unique solution that your clientele requires.

what we do





ENVEL DESIGN specializes in the highest level of customer service, quality products, and is committed to creativity.

Our experience allows us to be responsive to all budgets while remaining capable of handling a full range of hospitality and contract interior requirements.

ENVELEX products are exclusively manufactured in America, and respectful of materials and our environment.

We strive to improve every day; always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, both in our plant and in the creation of our distinctive products.

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    Dani's favorite ENVEL product: Marbled Envelex "Custom Purple". Dani is…

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We are a quality driven company providing handcrafted luminous surface innovations.

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