Attention: Designers, Architects, and Contractors!

Please help all of us at ENVEL DESIGN in our efforts to minimize waste by contacting us when our materials are no longer necessary in your library.

For example - At the end of a project life-cycle, oftentimes there are leftover sample materials from specification decisions or mock-ups that have already served their purpose. We ask that in these cases that you please get in touch with us so that we may make arrangements to reclaim the samples and put them back into circulation.

Not all samples need to be returned, in fact we would love for you to keep as many color and texture options as you need to be inspired and reminded of our finishes!

However, we are aware that there are times when a particular finish has served its purpose and will only take up space… Those are the orphaned samples we’re looking to rescue!

Anytime you have leftover samples after a specification or an installation feel free to contact us for a UPS or FEDEX number so that the materials may be returned at our expense.

We’ll make sure the samples find a new home, or are recycled at our facility.

Sample Return Instructions –

1. Package all samples in a similar fashion as you received them. (Using filler paper or equal to avoid damage and rattling in transit)
2. Send the samples back to ENVEL DESIGN. You're welcome to contact us for a complimentary return label.
3. Feel good that you have recycled and re-purposed materials that otherwise might have gone to waste.

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