Just Imagine Awards 2015


The next time you’re in a Golden Nugget Casino bar and find yourself staring at a floating shelf, don’t blame it on the drinks.

The runner-up of the JUST IMAGINE Awards 2015 was Envel Design for its luminous ENVELEX “floating shelf” system, featured in the “Cadillac Bar” at the Golden Nugget Casinos in both Las Vegas and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The JUST IMAGINE Awards celebrate designers who embrace the originality of working with and creating designs using LuciteLux® acrylic. The program recognizes a designer’s achievement and celebrates their distinctive contribution to the world of design using our acrylic material.

Featuring LuciteLux® Clear in one inch thick and three-quarter inch thick continuous cast acrylic, the “floating shelf” system provides a dramatic, evenly lit display offered in an impressive range of colors and custom finishes. The spectacular high optical clarity of the “floating shelf” often results in passersby doing a double take when looking at tequila bottles appearing to float in space!

In order to build the system, a custom color, proprietary marbled ENVELEX heavy gauge back panel was combined with crystal clear LuciteLux® acrylic shelves. The optical clarity and colorless characteristics of LuciteLux® Clear provided the perfect canvas for utilizing the full range of the color spectrum without having to compensate for any built in color shift. According to Envel Design, LuciteLux® was perfect for the challenges of every day contract use.

“Envel Design serves a variety of public space venues with a variety of custom-produced products, said Heather Mayer, director of marketing, Envel Design. “The ENVELEX ‘floating shelf’ system showcases how we incorporate LuciteLux® acrylic to offer our customers a dimensionally stable and optically perfect canvas, creating design magic. With LuciteLux®, we are always confident of delivering consistent results and responding to customer specifications in different finishes and textures.”

We are delighted to see designers across industries utilizing LuciteLux® to realize their creative vision. Just imagine what you could create using LuciteLux® acrylic.